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6/12/2019 11:32:38 AM

Children Action’s experts, St Paul Hospital’s doctors provide surgeries for children

Experts from the Children Action Foundation and doctors of Saint Paul Hospital are providing check-ups and surgeries for children with congenital musculoskeletal disorders and burn scars.

Expert from the Children Action Foundation examines a child. Photo: Saint Paul Hospital

Accordingly, from June 10, at Hanoi-based Saint Paul Hospital, under-16-year-old children with spine and limb defects, and burn scars, will free check-ups.

After that, children with spine and limb defects will undergo correction surgeries to be performed by Prof. Jean Luc Jouve from France’s La Timone University, and his colleagues, from July 29 to August 2.

On July 1-7, Prof. Eric Bey from France’s Percy Military Hospital and Prof. Tran Thiet Son from St Paul Hospital will provide examinations and surgeries for under-16-year-old children with burn scars.

Launched in 2018, the programme on paediatric orthopaedics cooperation between St Paul hospital and Children Action has benefited nearly 300 children.

Each year, Children Action sends about three groups of experts from countries experienced in paediatric orthopaedics like France, Switzerland and Spain to Vietnam, to join hands with the local doctors to help more than 10,000 Vietnamese children escape from abnormalities./.

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