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3/7/2019 4:46:11 PM

Cultural heritage of Vietnam amazes international friends

(VNF) - The history of Hung King Dynasty, the worship of Hung King or the world intangible heritage Xoan singing has left unforgettable impressions in the hearts of foreign friends who attended the Friendship Spring Excursion 2019 recently held by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO). 

The visit to Hung King Temple provided an excellent opportunity for foreign friends to immerse in the exotic culture of Vietnam, particularly the nation’s diverse spiritual life. 

Rosario Portell Casanova, Ambassador of Uruguay to Vietnam: "Hung King's Temple - an ideal destination for those who are keen to learn about the history of Vietnam.”

Ambassador of Uruguay offers incense in Hung Kings' Temple

People come here to show their respect to Hung Kings, the founding fathers and protectors of the country in its early days. This is the first time I’ve visited the Temple and the trip truly evoked a lot of thoughts and feelings. At the relic site, I also have chance to know about Vietnam’s historic events, such as the visit of President Ho Chi Minh to the Temple in 1954. The Hung Kings Temple is a meaningful destination for foreigners to enrich their knowledges about the history of Vietnam.”

Quentin Campbell - Country Director of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Vietnam (ADRA):

ADRA Country Director Cambell (second, left) at Hung King's Temple (photo: Thuy Linh)

This is the first time I attended the Friendship Spring Excursion held by VUFO. As I am new to Vietnam, being part of the program is just amazing. I don't know much about the history and culture of Vietnam, so I feel very honored for having the chance to visit the Hung King's Temple and was briefed on the legendary origin of the Vietnamese people. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get to know about the spiritual culture in my host country. Hung King's Temple is an extremely meaningful destination in cultural, historical and spiritual aspects.

Colonel Rafizi Sharif - Defense Attache of the Embassy of Malaysia: "Bac Ninh, Phu Tho and many other provinces offer amazing tourist destinations." 

Colonel Rafizi Sharif (L) visits the historical relic of Hung King's Temple (photo: Thuy Linh)

“Before this trip, I had spent time learning about Hung King's Temple, about the history of Hung Kings through some documents. In my opinion, the relic which symbolizes the origin of the Vietnamese people is something that needs to be preserved. Today, when I came here, I notice that you guys are doing it very well, and that has impressed me a lot. This will be my memorable memory.”

This is the second time I’ve taken part in the Friendship Spring Excursion held by VUFO. I still remember my first trip in 2017, we visited Bac Ninh province, home to various precious heritages. Vietnam has many sights of interest with unique beauty. Certainly Bac Ninh, Phu Tho and many other provinces will be great tourist destinations, in addition to big cities. 

Adam Diouf, Partnership Development, World University Services of Canada: "Spring excursion not only helps international friends know more about culture and religion, but also promotes Vietnam better." 

Adam Diouf (right, third) in a picture with local people. Photo: Thuy Linh

“I have learned a bit about Vietnamese temples, pagodas. I also know briefly about the Ly Dynasty and the Dinh Dynasty when I travelled to Ninh Binh province. However, the history of Hung Kings was something I’ve never learnt before. It was a wonderful experience to go to Hung Temple, Phu Tho today. The trip really help me improve my modest knowledge of Vietnamese history. I’ve talked to many people and learned more stories about Vietnam. I have had wonderful experiences in this holy land. I think the spring trip not only helps foreigners like us know more about Vietnam's history, culture, religion, beliefs but also brings people closer together, strengthening the friendship of the children, people from different countries. This is also a good way to promote the image of Vietnam. After this trip, surely I will recommend your beautiful and peaceful country to more friends of mine."

NengLeang (Cambodia) and Si Thu (Myanmar): members of Volunteers for Peace in Vietnam. 

 Si Tu (right) and Leang learn about the specialty cakes of Phu Tho province

Si Thu (21 years old, Yadanabon University, Myanmar): “I've just come to Vietnam for over a month. I enjoy this trip very much, because it gives me the opportunity to discover the beauty of Vietnam, not only in the natural landscape, architectural works but also its history and culture, featured in traditional music, religious rituals and cuisines. Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Myanmar share certain similarities, therefore, what I feel about Vietnam is a familar yet still distinctive."

Leang (22 years old, Pannasastra University, Cambodia): “Although Cambodia and Vietnam welcomes the new year at different time, I still can feel the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the spring excursion. Particularly in this trip, I've learned about the legend of "banh chung, banh giay", gaining the cultural insights of these traditional dishes and the meaning of them to Vietnamese people. Overall, I enjoy experiencing local culture, nature and making new friends."

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