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5/14/2019 8:54:24 AM

Explore the world for Bookworm in Hanoi

Located on No.44, Chau Long street, Bookworm, as its name says, is an amazing world for those who love reading.

Expat readers often visit ‘Bookworm’ to indulge their passion for reading when in Hanoi. (photo: VNA)  

Bookworm was founded in 2001 as Hanoi’s exclusively English language bookshop. Nowadays, it has become a 2-in-1 platform, where visitors can enjoy drinks, snacks and lunchtime meals, in addition to shopping for their favorite books.

At Bookworm, customers are encouraged to browse at leisure for as long as they wish, immersing themselves in a “sea of books” with over 30,000 English books representing almost all genres in both new and second hand editions.

One of Bookworm’s features is a room dedicated to Vietnamese literature and lifestyle, photo books, cook books and interesting artifacts.

In the last 18 years, Bookworm has captured the heart of not only Hanoian readers, but also foreign expats and tourists.

“They have impressive stock for an independent bookstore in the middle of a foreign city. You can find all sorts of literature here, whether it's fiction, non-fiction, English or other languages. The excitement lies in discovering these little gems!”, says Rachelle Immelman (South Africa).

Bookworm’ is home to over 30,000 book titles (photo: VNA)

“A surprising bookstore with a corner devoted to the ones that want to learn a bit more about Vietnam and its people. Very interesting” (Agustin Garcia, Spain).

"The perfect place to spend a few hours in Hanoi. You'll find all sorts of books, a cozy place to chill and read, and a really relaxing atmosphere.(Estela Kuntz, Brazil).

A treasure-trove of fascinating books. If you're in Hanoi, don't miss it (Toby Beaufoy, UK).

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