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Grilled girdle cake - Vietnam pizza

Vietnamese street food - grilled girdle cake - famous snack food make from rice paper, onion, shrimp, sausage, quail egg, chili sauce, also Vietnam pizza.

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Coming to Da Lat, tourists will have a chance to enjoy popular street cooking like grilled corn, grilled eggs, grilled batata, and especially grilled egg cake with onion… Da Lat is known with many beautiful nicknames such as “the city of thousands of flower”, “the city in forest”… At the height of 900-1,600 meters above the sea level, Da Lat is compared to the city lying in the halfway of the sky with winding roads.

Grilled egg cake with onion is the typical dish here. The cake has yellow colour and good smell. The process of making the cake is quite simple. Girdle cake is grilled by charcoal and then is dusted with stuffing. After that, breaking an egg onto the cake and waiting until it is cooked well done. When customers come to buy the cake, saleperson will heat up the cake and spray chilli sauce onto the cake before wrapping with papers for customers. It is sure that tourists will satisfy with the wonderful taste and the aromatic smell of the cake. Tourists cannot forget the flavor of onion, egg, oil and chilli sauce.

The egg cake with onion has the root from Hue city and then comes to Da Lat. It has become a favourite cake to young people, especially students. After school, they will gather together, chat and enjoy the hot cakes. Nowadays, the cake also becomes the favourite cake to tourists. The price for a cake is only 15,000 VND.

Very easy too make, taste good espeacially when it goes with “tra chanh” (lime tea).

You may eat Grilled girdle cake – one of the most famous street foods in Vietnam. The cake is made by grilling girdle cake topped with various ingredients such as quail egg, butter, sausage, beef jerky, dried shrimp, green scallions until crispy, in other places in Vietnam. The cake is also called Vietnamese pizza.


Da Lat is the birthplace of Grilled girdle cake so that you should not miss this cake on your trip to the city. What is better than sitting at a street food stall serving grilled girdle cake, eating crispy and tasty grilled girdle cake, and seeing how vendor skillfully grills the cake on charcoal in the cool air of Dalat.

The cake should not be overcooked. If vendor grill the cake for too long, it will be burnt. On the other hand, it will be not crispy enough. To serve the cake, vendor usually tops the cake with chili sauce, mayonnaise.

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