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6/6/2019 4:01:03 PM

Hoa Hao Buddhism continues to conduct social and charitable activities

The Hoa Hao Buddhism convened its fifth national congress for the 2019-2024 tenure on June 4-5 at An Hoa pagoda, Phu Tan district, the southern province of An Giang.

The Central Executive Board of Hoa Hao Buddhist Sangha for the 2019-2024 tenure (Source: VNA)

The congress saw 831 delegates representing over 2 million Hoa Hao Buddhist dignitaries and followers nationwide.

The congress selected 28 members to the Central Executive Board of Hoa Hao Buddhist Sangha for the 2019-2024 tenure, with Nguyen Tan Dat continuing to be chosen as the board’s head.

Reviewing the previous tenure’s works, deputy head of the board Nguyen Huy Diem said that during 2014-2019, the sect implemented a lot of social and charitable activities.

In the new tenure, the sect will continue working with other religions and people from all walks of life to build a prosperous, democratic, fair and civilised Vietnam, he added.

Since the Hoa Hao Buddhism came into being 80 years ago, followers have always adhered to its guidelines, upheld the traditional patriotism and solidarity, and contributed to the nation.

Tn 2018, the sect’s dignitaries and followers have involved in many charity activities, including building bridges and roads in rural areas, reducing poverty, and raising education promotion funds. Hoa Hao followers in the province have donated over 100 billion VND (4.3 million USD) to charity work, thereby helping with local development.

Hoa Hao Buddhism now has more than 390 executive committees in 17 cities and provinces and over 2 million followers nationwide, mostly in An Giang./.

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