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11/8/2018 9:15:40 AM

More Korean dishes to enter Hanoi hotels' menu

Recently, Korean renowned chef, Lee Won IL visited Hanoi in a culinary exchange event.

Hundreds of Vietnamese participants, who are winners of online culinary contest were selected to take part in the workshop instructed by Lee Won IL, who sleeved up to give them guidance on how to make authentic Korean dishes, such as bibimbap (mixed rice), japachae (mixed glass noodles), seolleongtang (beef soup), teokbokki (rice cake), stewed meat and cabbage, hotpot, etc.

dau bep noi tieng han quoc den viet nam gioi thieu tinh hoa am thuc  hinh 9

Lee Won Il introduces Korean cuisines at the workshop held on November 5

The class is one of a series of activities to promote clean agricultural produces of Korea to Vietnamese consumers. This is also one of the activities to foster culinary culture exchange between Vietnam and Korea.

According to the plan of the workshop organizing board, several Korean dishes taught in the workshop will later be introduced to some hotels in Vietnam, in order to diversify dining experience of customers.

Lee Won IL has his Bachelor Degree from HRIM, National University of the Philippines. He is a leading chef in Korea and was featured on several well-known TV shows./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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