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9/10/2019 4:26:25 PM

North Korea launches new short – range projectiles despite saying want to talk with the US

North Korea has let new additional short – range projectiles blast off, one hour after expressing its hope to return to a denuclearization negotiation table with the US on Tuesday.

Photo: DW

North Korea has took its eighth launch of short – range projectiles from South Pyongyang provine to its eastern coast on Tuesday, one hour after North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui stated that North Korea was ready “for comprehensive discussions in late September of the issues we have so far taken up, at a time and place to be agreed" with the US, according to South Korea officials.

Choe even sent a caution that the US must have “a proposal geared to the interests of the DPRK and the US and based on decision methods acceptable to us." 

The US President Donald Trump had commented that the North Korea’s offer of meeting was “interesting”. He also said “We'll see what happens. In the meantime, we have our hostages back, we're getting the remains of our great heroes back and we've had no nuclear testing for a long time."

Furthermore, on Monday (September 9), the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had presented the US’s wish to negotiate with North Korea on denuclearization in Korean Peninsula.

Although North Korea shot new short – range projectiles, the US has had no reaction on this North Korea’s move.

Moreover, South Korea military did not identify the type of those projectiles whether it was ballistic or artillery missiles.

North Korea had conducted seven short – range missiles tests since late July as a retaliation on the joint military drills between the US and South Korea.

North Korea had been also condemned to violate the UNSC resolutions by the E3 for its launches, however, it responded that continuing its arm modernization.


Reuters, Aljazeera, DW  ( Van Nguyen )
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