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11/30/2018 7:35:34 AM

Tay Ninh to hold culture-tourism week featuring Trang Bang rice paper next month

The southern province of Tay Ninh will hold the second culture and tourism week featuring the craft of making bánh tráng phơi sương (dew-wetted rice paper) in Trang Bang district from December 20-25.

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper. Source:

The event will have 200 booths to showcase Trang Bang rice paper, perform the stages of producing the specialty and introduce other special products of Tay Ninh. The craft was recognised as national intangible heritage in 2016.

The event will also highlight popular products and services of the province, along with traditional crafts and tours in Tay Ninh.

Trang Bang dew-wetted rice paper is a flexible two-layer rice paper, best served in summer rolls with boiled pork, greens and sauces.

According to Vice Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Hoang Nam, the biennial event aims to preserve the heritage’s value and honour artisans who are working to conserve the craft.

It gives a chance for visitors to explore the culture of Tay Ninh, while creating motivation for the development of the craft, he added.

Nam said three stoves for rice paper making will be arranged at the event to give visitors a try of making the product.

Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Hong Thanh said the event is expected to draw 10,000 visitors.

People usually taste rice paper with boiled pork and vegetables by rolling them together.

The traditional craft of making dew-wetted rice paper in Trang Bang District, Tay Ninh Province, has been recognised as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016.

Trang Bang rice paper is a popular food for not only Tay Ninh residence and pilgrims. Especially, rice paper is expose in fog in the evening. Rice paper will be expose on 1 or 2 minutes in fog make more ductility but not wet or ragged. Rice paper is used to roll boiled meat and vegetables and dip in chili fish sauce. Moreover, rice paper is so light to bring to give for someone traveler come back home from the trip./.

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