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2/25/2019 3:47:14 PM

The Vietnam diplomat grills beans with North Korean farmers

The story of friendly, kind North Korean farmers has always been the beautiful memory areas that the former Vietnam Ambassador to North Korea carried around his life.

Former Vietnamese Ambassador to North Korea Duong Chinh Thuc

People to people

After 35 years working in foreign affairs, including 10 years working in both Pyongyang and Seoul, the former Ambassador Duong Chinh Thuc understands the aspirations of people on the Korean Peninsula. Unification of the country is their unchanging hope. In particular, through the DPRK - USA Hanoi Summit, they hope their wishes become a reality.

During his term in both Koreas, Thuc had very good impressions of the country and the people of the two regions. In both places, the North or the South, he carried out very positive people-to-people diplomatic activities. He regularly sends delegations to the locality, working with people, telling them about Vietnam, especially about Vietnamese culture.

He remembers the image of Vietnamese diplomats grilling beans with North Korean farmers and eating on the field. During the harvest season, the diplomats and the people worked enthusiastically on the vast, peaceful fields. It can be said that the story of friendly, kind North Korean farmers with the Vietnamese diplomat is always a beautiful memory he brought along his life.

Now, he often visits the North Korean Embassy in Hanoi every time the Embassy holds important events. Arriving here, he had the opportunity to speak North Korean, chatting with North Korean diplomats with whom he spent much love for.

No permanent enemies

Sticking with people in the land of kimchi helped him draw a philosophy of foreign affairs. In 1975, when Vietnam was unified, Mr. Duong Chinh Thuc was a member of the mission to Saigon to resolve some issues related to South Korean Embassy officials.

In a meeting at the Chi Hoa jail, the official of South Korean Embassy in Saigon argued: "I am a diplomat, that you detain us is a violation of the Vienna Convention". Thuc said frankly that Vietnam did not consider him a diplomat and that he directly violated Vietnam's security. Therefore, Vietnam needs to take measures to prevent this behavior.

The Korean official at that time said some words that until now, Thuc still remembered: "Then you see, there is no permanent enemy nor a permanent friend in life. Vietnam has thousands of years dominated by China. But the country is now a friend of China. Now Vietnam and South Korea are enemies, but maybe we will be friends later.’’

Nearly 30 years later, in 2001, Mr. Thuc was sent to Korea to be Ambassador. The South Korean official in 1975 went to the Embassy to meet and talk to him. Reviewing the old memory, the official told Thuc that: "At that time, both of us did what our country assigned, both of us were loyal to our country, now the two countries have been friends, my past has been retained and we are heading towards the future. Do you remember what I said before? "

That's right, Vietnam - Korea has become a comprehensive partnership. The philosophy that has no permanent allies, no eternal enemies have been confirmed.

Friendship across borders

From the day they met again in Korea, the former Korean official and Mr. Thuc started a very nice "cross-border" friendship. Since 2005, when Mr. Thuc retired, his Korean friend has kept in touch with him.

In 2004, he went to Vietnam to visit Mr. Thuc once. On the same occasion, his Korean friend visited President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum. He better understood President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese, he told Thuc that: "I I have completely changed my mind about Vietnam, about Ho President and even you, we will never forget each other ".

Now his Korean friend is over 90 years old, he no longer has much contact with Thuc, but he still sends his children to Vietnam to visit Thuc.

This "cross-border" friendship must be meaningful for young diplomats too, once again confirming the words of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: "There is no permanent friend or permanent enemy. ".

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