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8/12/2019 8:36:28 PM

Training course of teaching Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese teachers launched

The opening ceremony of the “Training course of teaching Vietnamese’s method to overseas Vietnamese teacher 2019” was held in Hanoi on August 12. This course has attracted the largest number of participants with 80 trainees.

Deputy head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs Luong Thanh Nghi speaks at the opening ceremony (photo:

The training course was launched by the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Training in 6 years, aiming to improve learners’ professional skills, teaching methods and offer textbooks for teaching Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese.

The training course runs from August 11 to August 25 with the participation of 80 trainees, included non - professional teachers and volunteers who are planning  to teach Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese from 10 countries and territories.

Besides providing knowledge on Vietnamese language, improving teaching method and professional skills, the course also introduces to trainees  Vietnamese culture and history via offering field trips to explore the nation’ historical and cultural heritages. Moreover, the trainees will have chance to observe lecture in universities which provide Vietnamese language lessons for foreigners.

Attending the course, trainees will have opportunity to meet, learn and exchange experience with one another as well as functional departments on teaching and learning Vietnamese in the community. The training course also helps Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments get the effective techniques to promote and strengthen the teaching and learning Vietnamese activities among overseas Vietnamese community.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, deputy head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Luong Thanh Nghi said: With the participation of 80 teachers/volunteers, this course has the largest number of trainees ever, reflecting the interest of overseas Vietnamese in teaching Vietnamese to their children.

The training course the largest number of participants with 80 people (photo:

Que Kim, a Vietnamese woman living in Taiwan said “I am very pleasant to take part in the training course of teaching Vietnamese method for the second seasons.  In early 2019, Vietnamese language has become a subject at primary and secondary schools in Taiwan. More to mention, not only Vietnamese children show their hardwork in learning mother tongue, the Vietnamese language and culture also capture Taiwanese students’ interest.

Vietnamese language plays a vital role in connecting 4.5 million Vietnamese people in 109 countries and territories across the world to join hands to preserve national cultural identity as well as to maintain the bonds with mother land, especially in families which the third generations were born and lived far from their mother land. Luong Thanh Nghi believed the trainees will become the kernel that promote the movement of learning and teaching Vietnamese to actively contribute to retain and enhance the national identity in overseas Vietnamese community.  ( translated by Van Nguyen )
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