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9/5/2019 11:04:34 AM

US Ambassador celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Vietnamese disabled children

On the afternoon of September 4, children with autism and disabilities at Sao Mai Center (Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) received a special guest joining their warm, joyful Mid-Autumn Festival: US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink.

Ambassador Kritenbrink and officials of the US Embassy took photos with students and teachers of Sao Mai center.

Ambassador Kritenbrink expressed his emotion and appreciation for the enthusiasm and love that the staff at Sao Mai Center for more than 200 children with autism and disabilities.

The Ambassador excitedly said he really loves Mid-Autumn Festival, because this is one of the most important traditional festivals for Vietnamese people. Above all, this festival is an opportunity to show care for children.

“"Children is the most important thing in this life. Children everywhere, and especially the children at Sao Mai Center, all bring along them contagious joy and sincere kindness," he said.

On this occasion, Ambassador Britenbrink also gave Sao Mai center a gift of rehabilitation equipment.

Sao Mai Center is a social, non-profit organization, established in 1995, under the Vietnam Relief Society for Children. The center is currently the second home of more than 200 children with intellectual disabilities and autism in Hanoi and some neighboring provinces.

Memorable moments in the early Mid-Autumn Festival of Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink with the children at Sao Mai Center:

Ambassador Kritenbrink sat close to the stage, watching children dancing

This special audience shakes hand with a dancer who has just finished his performance

Ambassador Kritenbrink was excited with the bustling lion dance. He said, Vietnam’ Mid-Autumn Festival reminds him of Halloween in the US

The special audience came on stage with the mask, joining in the joyful drum beats.

The US Ambassador and the children made moon-cakes. He “reveals” himself a fan of mooncakes.

Ambassador Kritenbrink presented a gift of rehabilitation equipment to Sao Mai Center.

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