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2/9/2019 2:35:24 PM

VESAMO’s compassionate house

Building new houses for Victims of Agent Orange (AO), granting scholarships for poor Vietnamese students are some of the main activities of “the Association of People Loving Vietnam in the Republic of Korea” (VESAMO). The meaningful journey was continued in 2018 in Binh Duong province.

In 2017, the house of Le Thi Hong Trang (Block 6, An My district, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam) was attached with the signboard of “Compassionate House, No.1” marking the event of establishment of the first compassionate house built by VESAMO for Vietnamese.

Inaugurating new house for Le Thi Hong Trang in Block 6, An My Ward (Tam Ky city) in which VESAMO contributed USD 2,000. (Photo: T.C)

As a second-generation victim of AO/Dioxin, Trang has to face with several health issues. Hence, raising children makes her life become even more difficult.

“Luckily, after knowing about my situation, VESAMO Association sponsored me cash worth USD 2,000. I later borrowed some more money and built this house. When this house was almost complete, the members of VESAMO also helped me with painting and cleanup, I was very touched” – Trang said. 

“VESAMO members are very happy because we can help the family of Trang, who suffers from AO/Dioxin contamination”, said Chang Ho Ick, Chairman of VESAMO Association. 

In December 2018, the “Compassionate House, No.2” was completed for another needy AO/Dioxin victim named Dang Kim Anh, resident of Ho Mang, Long Tan commune, Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province. The house was worth USD 3,000.     

Founded in 2002, VESAMO is a non- profit organization with 100 members, under the management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. VESAMO consists of intellectuals, artists, journalists, lawyers, businessmen from Southern Korea such as: Busan city, Ulsan City and Kyeongnam province.

VESAMO has conducted many meaningful activities to boost the friendship between Vietnam and Republic of Korea, such as: sport activities on occasion of major holidays, assistance for poor people, Agent Orange victims, Vietnamese brides, workers and students in South Korea.

Members of VESAMO have one thing in common that they are Koreans who have deep feelings for Vietnam. VESAMO will always try to strengthen the friendship between Vietnam-RoK as well as the relationship between the VESAMO and Binh Duong, said Chang Ho Ick. 

In 2018, via the Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association, VESAMO visited and presented cash worth 4,5000 $ to 30 families of AO/Dioxin victims. In addition, VESAMO also donated USD 500 and 3 wheelchairs to Binh Duong provincial Association of AO/Orange victims.

In the same year, VESAMO provided 10 scholarships to needy students of Binh Duong University (worth VND 100 million).

The Association is also active in helping Vietnam broadcast information on legal issues related to national territorial sovereignty protection.

  ( Translated by N.Minh )
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