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7/17/2019 3:01:44 PM

Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association visits President Souphanouvong’s family

The delegation of the Vietnam – Laos Friendship Association (VLFA) together with assistants, people with special ties with late President Souphanouvong, his former co-workers in various construction projects in Vietnam visited President Souphanouvong’s family, as part of the “Gathering on President Souphanouvong’s homeland” program on July 15.
The delegation of Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association, people with special ties with President Souphanouvong and his co-workers in construction projects in Vietnam
The delegations were received by the eldest daughter of President Souphanouvong, Vice Chairwoman of Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC), Nhotkeomay Souphanouvong.
At the meeting, the host  expressed her gratitude to VLFA and the Laos – Vietnam Friendship Association for their idea of organizing this meaningful activity. She emphasized that her family always remember the teaching of President Souphanouvong which is: Whenever it is, regardless of which position they hold, the sacrifice of Vietnamese in helping Laos gain independence and freedom must not be forgotten.
She shared that during his lifetime, President Souphanouvong, often talked about Vietnamese revolutionists and Uncle Ho’s soldiers, included Martyr Le Thieu Huy who had protected President Souphanouvong in the revolution.

Members of the delegation expressed their emotions when visiting Laos and meeting descendent of President Souphanouvong. Le Thuong Quynh, brother of Hero of the People’s Army, Martyr Le Thieu Huy who sacrificed himself as the shield to protect President Souphanouvong in the Tha Khet battle on March 21, 1946, was touched to receive the regards of Nhotkeomany and other President Souphanouvong’s family members. On the occasion, he handed over valuable documents, including letter of President Souphanouvong to his father informing the brave death of Martyr Le Thieu Huy.

In the meeting, Le Thanh Hai shared unforgettable memories about President Souphanouvong during his stay at his parent’s house in Da Bang village, My Bang district, Tuyen Quang province for the revolutionary mission from August 1950 to February 1951. 
He said “Despite I was just 6 or 7 years old, I still remember clearly about ‘uncle’ Souphanouvong. He was a close friend of the kids and a resourceful person in daily life 

Khuong Ba Luan, vice general director of Song Chu single member Limited Liability Company which oversees Bai Thuong dam, an irrigation project  attributed to architect Souphanouvong said Bai Thuong dam ensured the irrigation for agricultural production in 10 districts and citiesthat contributed to the economic development of Thanh Hoa province. Local people are always grateful for that and called Bai Thuong dam  ‘Souphanouvong dam’.

The delegation visited President Ho Chi Minh Memorial Site in Xieng Vang village

On behalf of leaders of Kham Muon province, Vice Chief Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the People’s Committee, Chairman of Laos – Vietnam Friendship Association Somchay Phetsinuon welcomed the delegation.
During the stay  in Kham Muon, the delegation visited President Ho Chi Minh Memorial Site in Xieng Vang village, Noong Boc district;  headquarters of the Laotian  revolutionary military  and the Laos – Vietnam coalition; the memorial site of Tha Khet defense battle and the memorial site in Park 21/3. The delegation also offered  incenses to President Souphanouvong statue.
Le Thuong Quynh presented documents of Prince Souphanouvong and Martyr Le Thieu Huy to the memorial site of Park 21/3
At the park, Le Thuong Quynh, younger brother of martyr Le Thieu Huy presented documents of Prince Souphanouvong and Martyr Le Thieu Huy to the memorial site of Park 21/3, as a tribute to the belated.

Tha Khet town located in Noong Booc district, Kham Muon province and its neighborhood have been home to thousands of Vietnamese since 1945. 

After the Itxala government was established on October 12, 1946, Prince Souphanouvong, who was staying in Vietnam came back to Laos to serve as  Minister of Foreign Affairs cum Commander – in – chief of the Laotian revolutionary force.

On March 21, 1946, when French aircraft bombed Tha Khet town, the Prince and Vietnamese soldiers bravely fight to protect the people in Tha Khet.

The Prince and his comrades later headed to Thailand by canoes to preserve the armed force. Under the fierce attack of the French air force and artillery, Commander – in – Chief Le Thieu Huy had bravely sacrificed his life to protect the Prince.

In 1991, the government of Laos  presented Itxala first-ranked order to martyr Le Thieu Huy. In 2011, the President of Vietnam signed a Decision to honor him with the Hero of the People’s armed force title./.
  ( Van Nguyen )
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